“Educator Effectiveness” – demands of the New Age Teacher Evaluation

Transcend - Our Solution

Educator effectiveness is one of the areas that has been under immense focus in education sector where technology could be leveraged to assess a teacher across multiple data points. Data driven teacher evaluations has been the point of discussion in recent years and the debate has been growing louder as the days go by. And we truly believe the answer is Transcend –designed to address the educator effectiveness requirements that are required in this challenging environment.

Transcend integrates teacher effectiveness solution with job embedded professional development. We decided to integrate these two modules into a single product quite simply because that seemed to be the most logical thing to do – as the two feed and grow on each other, each complementing the other.

Educator Effectiveness

Transcend offers a flexible and aligned approach to the critical aspect of Teacher evaluation - the Goal setting process. It captures the District Goals and the School Goals, then the Individual’s Goals - bringing out their alignment with the School and District goals. This hierarchy clearly enables administrators to have total control on how their teachers are aligned with the overall goals.

Headstream Technologies

“Students would have increased their achievement by 21 percentile points if their teachers had received substantial Professional Development”.

- Institute of Educational Sciences

Transcend provides Professional Development courses aligned with evaluation standards and goals to make it more meaningful and efficient to teachers. It supports multiple forms of PD delivery including online, offline and self-paced courses.

Teacher Observation

Transcend offers end to end solution to manage your teacher observation process with the focus on making the process transparent and efficient. The product is designed with focus to empower teachers and administrators and to make the process to move away from pen and paper approach to a integrated online solution.

PD Management

Our Professional Development Management System offers formal in-service training to ensure teacher’s content knowledge development through defined structure.